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REACH Physical Therapy is a private and concierge style company in Atlanta, GA providing sustainable and effective healthcare solutions for your busy and active lifestyle. 

Why We Exist

We believe that your healthcare experience should go beyond just the walls of the clinic by empowering you to take ownership and a proactive approach to reaching your goals. 

We exist to provide unparalleled healthcare solutions that fit within your busy and active lifestyle by partnering with an expert in physcial therapy that is willing to develop a carefully crafted, understandable, and committed plan to effectively address your pain, injury, and physical performance needs.

REACH offers:

Physical Therapy 

Health & Wellness Consultation 

Fitness Programming

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"Your time matters. Your healthcare experience matters.  Your goals matter. REACH exists to give you a powerful and valuable voice in how you receive healthcare." - Dustin Lee

Mission Statement

Creating effective and sustainable solutions – through professionalism, education, and respect – that bridge the gap between life’s physical demands and overall well-being.

Empowering lives beyond the ordinary, our mission at REACH is to effectively deliver personalized and sustainable solutions. We aim to break free from the conventional approach, inspiring individuals to transcend pain and injury, unlocking an unparalleled potential through a harmonious blend of Physical Therapy, comprehensinve Health & Wellness Consultation, and collaborative Fitness Programming. At REACH, we redefine what's achievable, guiding our community towards a lifestyle that embodies vitality, resilience, and the pursuit of extraordinary well-being.

In envisioning the future, REACH strives to be the catalyst for a transformative shift in how you perceive and achieve optimal health. We aspire to be at the forefront of concierge healthcare, seamlessly integrating expert physical therapy, holistic wellness consultation, and tailored fitness programming.


Our vision extends beyond the realm of recovery; we see a world where you not only feel less burdened by pain and injury, but propelled towards optimistic levels of strength, fulfillment, and lasting vitality. At REACH, we dare to envision a life where the extraordinary becomes the new ordinary.

Our Vision


Meet Our Founder

Dustin is dedicated to providing personalized, sustainable, and effective solutions that fully embody your commitment towards achieving your healthcare goals within a busy and active lifestyle.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Emory University

Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Mercer University

Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology

Arizona State University

Behind our Brand 

The Story of our Logo

Unveiling the essence of REACH Physical Therapy's logo goes beyond a mere visual representation. It encapsulates the dynamic journey each individual embarks upon when connecting with us.

From one perspective, the logo invites you to stand triumphantly at the summit, having conquered your goals, gazing at the majestic mountain range ahead. Simultaneously, it offers a glimpse from the eyes of someone about to set forth on a challenging yet profoundly rewarding journey, with distant peaks representing undiscovered goals.

In every facet, the logo mirrors the active engagement of the viewer with REACH Physical Therapy. No matter where you are in your journey or the perspective you adopt, every stride signifies progress toward new achievements and untapped potential - a cause for celebration.

Ready to explore your unique journey with REACH Physical Therapy? Take the first step today. Reach out to us and let's craft a path that leads to your triumphs, whether seen or yet to be discovered. Your celebration of progress awaits.

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