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Steps to moving and living well

Where does your journey start?

Every day, we are all in pursuit of various goals, each as unique as the stage of life we find ourselves in. And when it comes to your physical ability and ambitions, we are right there with you, ready to support you at your individual journey's point.

We combine specialized knowledge in therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular retraining, and hands-on manual therapy, among other techniques, to address the very source of your  discomfort. 


Our appointments start with a comprehensive assessment and treatment diagnosis which then assists in the crafting of a personalized treatment plan designed to accelerate your journey back to wellness.

Physical Therapy


Common Methods We Use:

Dry Needling

Joint Mobilizations

Corrective Exercises

Myofascial Techniques

Your health and resilience matters. Our health and wellness services help you to develop and adopt a vibrant, feel-good, and incredibly beneficial lifestyle.


We will help equip you with the strategies to prevent injuries and uncover the secrets to embracing best practices that not only make you feel fantastic but also contribute significantly to your overall well-being.

Health & Wellness Consulting


What we cover together:

Injury Prevention

Wellness Strategies

Mobility and Strength

Exercise routines

For everyday athletes, workout enthusiasts, and go-getters chasing for something more, our fitness and performance programming is the perfect challenge to achieve your physical peak.


Whether you have your own space to workout or want to use our gym, we want to make sure your potential for growth expertly  guided through a healthcare lens with your safety in mind. 

Fitness & Performance Programming


Popular trainings we do:

Agility training

Strength training

Stamina & Endurance

Flexibility & Mobility

A glimpse into our sessions

60 - 90 minute one on one sessions with your physical therapist

Comprehensive treatment techniques with effective take home exercises

Ongoing communication with your physical therapist in between sessions

Personalized treatment and training plans aligned with your goals and busy schedule

Hear the success stories




Dustin is the best! I started working with Dustin 5 years ago when coming back from a stress fracture. His rehab plan got me back me back to running safely and I was able to run a marathon 8 months later.

I still see Dustin for anything that might pop up in my running journey. He is super thorough in diagnosing any ailments and truly cares about his patients. He determines the best route of care based on individual goals. Highly recommend anyone see Dustin that is looking for a PT!



I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dustin. He swiftly examined my injury, diagnosed the root cause, and worked with me in a friendly and professional manner to have the issue resolved.


I feel very comfortable around Dustin and know that I can trust him with improving my bodily ailments but also developing me as a professional. The technology used is advanced and is very helpful to see progress along the way and the office is conveniently located. Highly recommend!



My appointment with Dustin was great! He was very professional and thorough in asking questions to help find the best solution. I truly felt his goal was to make me feel better, which is much appreciated! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking PT services!

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