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REACH Physical Therapy 

Sustainable and effective healthcare solutions for your busy and active lifestyle

Dustin is passionate about creating sustainable and effective solutions that are well-balanced and achieveable within your busy and active lifestyle.

"Your time matters. Your healthcare experiences matter. Your goals matter. As a father, husband, clinician, and business owner myself, I understand how precious and limited time can be throughout each day and week. My focus is to help you develop a plan that gets you closer to achieving your specific goals while simultaneously valuing the commitment you are making to invest in your health."


- Dustin Lee

It begins with expert care 

Healthy Steps to an Enriched Life

Do you value active engagement,  perserverance, and commitment to a plan?  

REACH is for you.

Learn more about your body through a detailed examination, one-on-one with your physical therapist.


Starting from the root cause of your pain, limitation, or injury creates the pathway for effective results moving forward.

Start from the Root

Together we will carry out an individually crafted plan that caters to your lifestyle and is tailored towards achieving your specific goals and ambitions.  


Every appointment is an hour of private, dedicated care.

Make Visible Headway

Returning to your personal and professional ambitions after overcoming physical challenges is what REACH is known for.


Success and continued commitment towards improvement drive our excellence in care. 

REACH Your Goals

REACH is healthcare that embodies your busy and active lifestyle

Sustainable treatment plans that you can complete on your own time

Effective solutions that focus on who you are and what you want to accomplish

The path towards achieving your goals starts with REACH

Your Journey Can Start Today

Examples of exercise and weight lifting provided to all clients in physical therapy and fitness programming services

Ease pain and recover from injury, so you can get back to doing all the things you love.

Physical Therapy

Dive deeper into learning more about your body and how to maximize your physical health and wellness.

Health & Wellness Consulting

Progressive fitness coaching and training sessions aligned to bring out your best. 

Performance & Fitness Programming

Hear the Success Stories



There isn’t enough I could say about Dustin. We worked together years ago and I’m back to undo the effects of some injury. He is the most intuitive and precise physical therapist I’ve worked with.


He meets you where you’re at and customizes a plan to get you to 100%. He doesn’t reach for just a one size fits all solution and helps it feel possible to get there while providing the support along the way.



"I can not recommend Dustin highly enough! have seen him on and off for the last couple of years and I always look forward to my appointments with him because I know I will feel much better after I leave.


Not only is Dustin extremely knowledgeable in his field; he is very kind and I can tell that he cares greatly about each patient he sees."



First off, Dustin is amazing! I was referred to him for a nagging injury that I had been ignoring for a few months. After a few sessions my pain was eliminated by 90% and now we're working on the last 10%.


If you're looking for someone with the knowledge and skill to help treat an injury you've been dealing with, run (if you can, LOL) don't walk to Reach Physical Therapy! Thank you for all that you've done for me!

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