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Image by Alex Shutin


REACH Physical Therapy is a multi-purpose, concierge clinic providing creative and sustainable solutions for your orthopedic and sport physical therapy needs.

The clinic and services are thoughtfully crafted to satisfy your desire to establish lifestyles beyond pain and injury by providing comprehensive health, wellness, and performance programming to meet your needs.

REACH is the choice provider for you, your family, friends, colleagues, and teammates. Experience the feeling of high quality care focused on reaching your unique goals and potential.

Reaching Beyond Boundaries


Creating sustainable solutions – through professionalism, education, and respect – that bridge the gap between life’s physical demands and overall well-being.


Leading meaningful and influential change in individual lives and throughout the community.

Core Values

Professionalism, authenticity, creativity, education, respect, well-being.

The Logo

There is more than meets the eye with REACH Physical Therapy's logo. 

​The logo represents the journey of those interacting with it. The viewer can take the vantage point of someone that has reached their goals and is admiring the beauty of the mountain range ahead. Also observable, is the vantage point of someone yet to embark upon a challenging, and often fulfilling, journey ahead to reach their goals represented by the peaks in the distance. Either way, each point of view reflects the active process of the viewer's participation with REACH Physical Therapy. No matter what part of the journey you are on, or the vantage point you take, every step forward is a step towards reaching a new goal or unknown potential and this deserves to be celebrated. 

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