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REACH is on a Mission!

Creating solutions that bridge the gap between life’s physical demands and overall well-being.

Sound familiar?

This is the heart of REACH Physical Therapy and the reverberating pulse throughout each of the components of the practice.

Every appointment at this clinic will reflect who you are and why you do what you do.

Say goodbye generic, cookie-cutter approach stretches and strengthening exercises. only completing band exercises and leg lifts when you need to carry the golf ball consistently 250+ yards over multiple rounds of golf. the doctors that told you to stop running because it is bad for your knees.

Say hello treatments that get you back to making that throw from center field to home plate on a rope and without pain. loading up that barbell again with confidence that will carry you past your previous personal best. feeling confident that you can pick up your child and carry them to bed after they fall asleep in the car without injuring your back.

(I know it is too soon for some of you to see a Freddie Freeman hug again. I know.)

What does this look like in practice?

Golfers need to add strength to the lead leg and hips during the golf swing to prevent injury.

Train the movement effectively.

Instead of this...


Strengthening the glutes is crucial when returning to a barbell back squat to assist with reducing lower back pain.

Put the glutes in effective loading positions under movements that simulate the task.

Instead of this...


Requiring the body to understand how to adapt to a load in overhead positions can help a base return to cheerleading or an exercise enthusiast return with weight lifting.

Push actual weight overhead with good form. It's absolutely fine to do when done well.

Instead of this...

Yes, there are absolutely times and places for the mundane, absolutely necessary, physical therapy treatments which are known to be effective, BUT

The best possible care you can receive as a patient is when a physical therapist...

Looks at exactly what you do and how you do it.

Loads your body similar to how you need to live your life.

Pairs all of this with a thorough treatment plan that you can follow through with after leaving.

You can always expect this at REACH Physical Therapy, where bridging the gap between life’s physical demands and overall well-being are embedded throughout the clinic’s DNA.

Demand more from your healthcare providers.

Keep REACHing,

Dustin Lee

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Disclaimer: much of the opinion in this piece relates to orthopedic and sport physical therapy and should not be generalized to all fields of physical therapy care. It should also be stated that the activities listed and imaged in the article are only to be used as examples and are not to be utilized as at home treatments. Please consult your healthcare provider for further guidance related to any injuries or difficulties that you may be having.

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