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REACH is for the Journeyer - Part Two

Trails are a significant part of the imagery at REACH Physical Therapy. They are meant to symbolize the unknown paths that many patients often can encounter during their journey when seeking physical therapy and other healthcare/medical services. They are meant to support the idea that continued effort is required to move forward towards the ultimate destination – no matter how easy or difficult the path becomes.

Have you ever left an appointment with a medical or healthcare provider with the feeling of uncertainty? Seemingly, the appointment went well. You got along well with your provider. You felt they had a good grasp of what is going on. But, still, you are unsure if you truly understood what your provider was saying, what the plan is, or what the next steps are to help you resolve the primary reason you made your appointment in the first place. Unfortunately, this exact experience happens more than it should, even with excellent providers, and is very frustrating. This is certainly a type of path that can be experienced on your healthcare journey, but this a path that eventually leads to nowhere, simply because you were not provided with the adequate knowledge and information to help you decide left or right at the metaphorical fork on the trail that you are bound to come to. You were not provided with a trail map to reach your ultimate destination, and you did not have someone to stand in as your trail guide to help point you in the most beneficial direction. It was just assumed that you knew the path and you were sent on your way.

The journeyer becomes the wanderer.

How much better would it feel if you knew where you were trying to go, or more plainly put, what goals or potential you were trying to achieve, AND were given the trail map to help you get there? This is the experience we all seek when looking for the best healthcare experience out there – especially when it comes down to solving our pain, injury, or health/wellness needs. Those metaphorical forks along the trail suddenly become less troubling. You can start tracking where you are along the path towards the destination. You can see how far you have gone, how much further you must go, and what the next direction to go is. This experience provides you with optimism and a sense of comfort no matter the destination. The path has been laid out in front of you. But, that is still not enough…and this is where REACH Physical Therapy come in.

The wanderer becomes the traveler.

In part one of this four-part mini-series, I mentioned that the definition of journey does not say how the “act of traveling from place to another,” should feel, look, or be performed. The journey is filled with emotional details, painful experiences, and personal triumphs. Knowing where to go and having a trail map to get there is definitely helpful, but these alone don’t hold weight when the turn you make on your trail leads you to the hardest uphill climb you have ever seen; or the jagged, rocky landscape that you must navigate through; or even the dense forest that needs to be cleared to continue the trail ahead. These points on your journey are incredibly difficult and are continued metaphors of the challenges many patients face as they venture on their journey to reach their ultimate health and medical goals. It is easy to look at these challenges in front of you and decide to turn around hoping for an easier alternative - many people do. After all, you were sent on this journey without guidance of what to expect and how it may be recommend to navigate this difficult and unfamiliar terrain. REACH was established to help you navigate this terrain with confidence. REACH was created to serve as your metaphorical, trail guide on your journey towards reaching your goals and potential.

Having REACH as your guide does not change the landscape of your physical therapy journey. Many challenges are faced for everyone as they are going through something related to pain, injury, achieving fitness goals, or establishing a healthier lifestyle. This is realistic. As your guide, REACH does instill in you the courage to forge ahead, with an encouraging trail guide right at your side, and face your challenges head on while still respecting you on your own journey. It is often at this point during your journey, after a difficult section of the trail, that we are suddenly greeted with the awe of a scenic, mountainous overlook; the mist from a roaring waterfall; or simply, the rush of accomplishment that will further support the next challenge we face on the next trail ahead. REACH exists to support you on your journey, to get you through the challenges ahead, and to join you in celebration during moments of exhiliration and goal achievement as your reach your ultimate destination.

Every path you are guided down, no matter how difficult or scary, allows you to add more to your experience. More to your journey.

At REACH, the traveler returns to the journeyer.

A journeyer equipped to persevere.

Keep REACHing,

Dustin Lee PT, DPT

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