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REACH is for the Journeyer - Part One

Journey (noun) - "an act of traveling from one place to another." (“Journey,” n.d.)

This word, journey, gets tossed around A LOT.

My journey to get to where I am today includes…

I am on a personal journey

What is your journey?

This is your story. This is your journey…

While sometimes cliché, using the word,

journey, often encompasses more than the definition portrays. The noun is bolstered by stories filled with emotional details, painful experiences, and personal triumphs. The noun is put into motion with a constantly evolving storyline which makes up the literal and metaphorical act of traveling from one place to another.

Nowhere in the definition of journey does it say how the “act of traveling from place to another,” should feel, look, or be performed. Therefore, someone’s journey should be respected for what it is, and not simply viewed as another cliché example of someone recounting their story of how they got where they are, where they are going, or the process of what they are currently going through.

The journey is an essential part of REACH Physical Therapy’s foundation. It is intertwined in every part of REACH. The blue mountains of the logo – purposeful. The imagery of trails and mountain landscapes – purposeful. The circle that surrounds the logo – oh yeah, purposeful. The “A” and “H” in REACH – subtle, yet purposeful. The mission of the company and why it exists – you guessed it, purposeful. The experience as a patient or client at REACH – 100% purposeful.

REACH Physical Therapy was established to support you on your journey.

Your journey. Not someone else’s journey. Yours.

Your story is unique to only you. How you REACH your goals and potential is unique to only you. Why settle for anything less?

Join me on this four-part mini-series and learn more about why REACH Physical Therapy exists and is passionately dedicated to those seeking the best from their healthcare experience, expecting more for the price they are paying, and making sustainable progress towards their goals and potential.

This series is dedicated to you, the journeyer.

Keep REACHing,

Dustin Lee PT, DPT


“Journey.” (n.d.) In Merriam-Webster’s learners dictionary. Retrieved from

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